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Drive your Business. We drive your IT.
Drive your Business. We drive your IT.
We know how to build, operate and maintain industrial IT systems.
Green Energy Solutions
Green Energy Solutions
Grid independent, environmentally friendly generation of energy for charging your electric vehicle

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Data Center Services
Data Center Services
Data Center Services tailored to your business: reliable, scalable, secure.
Industrial IT Solutions
Industrial IT Solutions
We know how to build, operate and maintain industrial IT systems.
Maintenance & Support Services
Maintenance & Support
Operating your IT: remote, on site and off site. Anywhere.
IT Special Operations
IT Special Operations
IT Special Operations Task Force: We start where others quit.
Environmental Responsibility
Environmental Responsibility
Thinking green ... our approach to improve our ecological footprint

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NetWEB  Systems

anything but usual ... since 1996 (1986)

Established 1996, NetWEB Systems roots go back to 1986, originally founded by André Siegfried and Nicolas Pascal Boghossian as NICOM Software Technologies.

Today, NetWEB Systems delivers high quality IT products and services for industry, transport, logistics, healthcare, medical business and government customers, focused on advanced network technologies, cyber security, automation, IT integration and administration including hardware and software development, IT solution engineering, IT service, IT management and IT procurement.

Running our own Data Center, we are capable of offering large business know how and technologies even to our small customers, no matter whether for backing up, enhancing or fully hosting individual and complex IT infrastructures.

Much love and enthusiasm in what we do always has been and will always be the core secret to our customers' satisfaction and therefore our success.

Over the last 36 years, we have been contracted by companies like

  • DP World (serving 10 Sites in 5 Countries)
    General IT Contractor for DP World Inland

  • Swissterminal (serving 7 Sites in 2 Countries)
    IT Assessment & IT Management Consulting

  • Daimler (served 2 Sites in 1 Country)
    Special Projects Software Development, Deep Cyber Security & Automation Project Consulting

  • Asklepios Kliniken (served 2 Sites in 1 Country)
    IT Procurement

  • Lutrina Klinik (serving 2 Sites in 1 Country)
    General IT Contractor

  • Siemens (served 5 Sites in 2 Countries)
    Security Software Development for Power Plants

  • Max Planck Institute & Algorithmic Solutions (served 2 Sites in 1 Country)
    LEDA and BioLEDA Project, a Library of Efficient Data Types and Algorithms

  • Prot. Altenhilfe Westpfalz (serving 11 Sites in 1 Country)
    General IT Contractor, General IT Supplier

delivering our services in more than 7 countries, mostly but not only

  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United Arab Emirates

Our IT Special Operations Task Force is capable of developing, delivering and supporting IT solutions under the toughest conditions.

Every company has its own individual variety of tasks to solve.
Let's solve yours!

Years on the market


Key features of our IT services

Dynamic SLAs

To perfectly fit your business, our dynamic SLAs automatically scale up and down with your business needs and budgets.

24/7 Helpdesk

Depending on contracted SLAs, we offer up to 24/7 helpdesk and on-site services delivered by our field engineers.

Maintenance Plans

Tailored maintenance plans help protect your investments, minimize risks and keep your business IT running efficiently.


We administrate your IT. Through everyday business or changes in environment.

Project Management

Clear and transparent project management delivers the desired results in budget and time.

Asset Management

We keep track of your IT assets. No more searching for the one thing that you are sure must be somewhere ;-)

Security Management

Cyber threats are real. We have successfully been protecting our customers' IT systems for more than 24 years. What about yours?

Policy Management

IT policies help operate your IT within a defined scope. This reduces risks, saves time and prevents vague directives.

... and much more!


Anything but usual. Really.

Data Center

Data Center

Data Center Services

Running our own Data Center, we are capable of operating your virtual and/or physical IT infrastructure. Scalable up to 2.500+ users.

NetWEB employee on industrial customer site

Logistics & Industry

Industrial IT Systems & Services

We know how to work within industrial environments and care for the needs of our international industry and transportation customers.

NetWEB employee in OR


Medical & Healthcare IT

Operating medical and healthcare IT requires highest compliance with privacy and security standards: Part of our daily business.

NetWEB employee in Kabul 2003


IT Special Operations Task Force

Sometimes there are tasks that require something special. Under toughest conditions, we proved we can deliver. We start where others quit.


We run strategic partnerships with the following companies

G Data
Check Point


Find out more about our products and services

NetWEB Systems AG
Am Storchenbaum 8
67678 Mehlingen

Phone: +49 6303 79096 00

VAT ID: DE357259523
AG Kaiserslautern, HRB33601

Chairman of the Board:
André Siegfried

Board Members:
Tolga Demirci
Susanne Wawer

Chairman of the Supervisory Board:
Gregor Matthias Vowinkel

Supervisory Board Members:
Johannes Kronenberger
Markus Bauer
André Siegfried
CEO, Strategy & Investor Relations

Susanne Wawer
CFO, Finance & Human Resources

Tolga Demirci
COO, Healthcare & SMB Customers

Paulina Biedrawa
CAO, Logistic Systems & Projects

Christian Lehmann
COO, IT Administration & Security

Marco Vallentin
COO, Logistic Systems & Customers

Christian Dehm
COO, Green Energy Systems & Engineering

Marco Kobza
TL IT Administration

Markus Bauer
TL IT Support

Jessica Diaz
TL Business Administration